Let’s talk about older adulthood.
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Suzanne Forman

Care manager

I’m 61 y/o. Divorced w/3 grown children. Moved to San Diego in October of 2019 to help out my parents. My mother had mid-stage dementia. At the time my father was fairly independent. Since then he has declined pretty rapidly. He’s no longer able to walk more than a few feet. Cannot walk without assistance. He has a catheter permanently. She is losing her ability to speak. She cannot find her words. It became more than I could handle, so I hired a live-in caregiver and I now manage their needs. I handle their finances, Dr appointments, house maintenance, etc. Even though I don’t live there, it’s still a lot. Probably a third of my time is spent managing their needs.

Ep. 9 The Quest for What’s Best: One Family’s Journey from Home, to Senior Community, to Home Again

Jan. 3, 2023

Suzanne Forman bravely shares her family’s story in detail and covers many of the subjects we most often don’t want to discuss. It’s a heartfelt must-listen.