Let’s talk about older adulthood.


Let’s talk about older adulthood.  Yes, getting older happens to the “best” of us.  So how do we best support ourselves - and those we care about - and still do it with understanding?  How do we promote the best “quality of life” options that are available out there to solve life’s most perplexing issues?

Too often, seniors, and those who love them, are unaware of the myriad of tailored and innovative services aimed to meet their specific needs, keep them independent, and help them age gracefully, with dignity and in whatever physical circumstance they choose.  As we age, we all accept the reality that we’ll need the help of medical, financial, and legal experts…but it’s also important to remember that real estate – thewhereandhowwe live – is a big part of that as well.“The Ron Greenwald Show”aims to be that reminder, and to bridge the gap between seniors and those businesses available to help them, give them options, and help them to enjoy life in a greater way.

“The Ron Greenwald Show” is a podcast dedicated to those involved in improving seniors’ lives. It’s a forum where professionals in this sphere can come together for advice, to hear and share stories about their experiences, and to understand the practical applications of each other’s skills for the good of all of us who are aging.

It’s a place for forming relationships, sharing knowledge…and strategic networking.  It’s also a place with a genuine heart for taking the best care of those who deserve it most.

Ron Greenwald is your host.  He understands the needs of the older population very well, knows they want to keep their independence, and has over a decade of experience bringing together the right professionals needed - in a fiduciary capacity – to serve the client best and first.

From Private Fiduciaries, Wealth Managers and Estate Planning Attorneys to General Contractors, Home Care Specialists and Aging Life Specialists (and many more), Ron’s deep rolodex of contacts makes for an eye-opening and enriching conversation every time.  And best of all, the podcast is an opportunity for guests to get in front ofhundreds of other professionalsin a way that is easy, convenient, and ultimately, compelling.

Title:“The Ron Greenwald Show”
Subtitle:Make Your Life, Your Journey, a Home Run

Show description (short):  A podcast and professional forum for all of those who dedicate themselves to - and work on behalf of - older adults, to hear and share stories of value. 

Show description (long): “The Ron Greenwald Show”is a podcast and professional forum for all of those who dedicate themselves to - and work on behalf of - older adults, to hear and share stories of value. Join Ron Greenwald for compelling conversations aimed at all aspects of the business and hear from those on the front lines first-hand.  For those operating in this field, it is chock full of educational, monetary, and practical value. An essential must-listen.