Let’s talk about older adulthood.
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Paul Greenwood

CEO of Greenwood Law Corp

Retired Deputy District Attorney Paul Greenwood was a solicitor in England for 13 years. After relocating to San Diego in 1991 he passed the California Bar and joined the DA's office in 1993. For twenty two years Paul headed up the Elder Abuse Prosecution Unit at the San Diego DA’s Office. In 1999 California Lawyer magazine named Paul as one of their top 20 lawyers of the year in recognition of his pioneering efforts to pursue justice on behalf of senior citizens.
He has prosecuted over 750 felony cases of both physical, sexual, emotional and financial elder abuse. He has also prosecuted ten murder cases, including one death penalty case.
In March 2018 Paul retired from the San Diego DA’s office to concentrate on sharing lessons learned from his elder abuse prosecutions with a wider audience. In October 2018 he was given a lifetime achievement award by his former office.
Paul now spends much of his post retirement time speaking on behalf of AARP nationally, consulting on elder abuse cases and providing trainings to law enforcement and Adult Protective Services agencies across the country and internationally. He is also involved as the criminal justice board member of National Adult Protective Services Association.

Ep. 14 Meet a Trailblazer in the Fight Against Senior Scams and Elder Abuse

Feb. 7, 2023

A former Deputy District Attorney shares the lessons he’s learned over 25 years in the trenches prosecuting cases of elder abuse and scams.  Paul Greenwood is a man on a mission.